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At MARITIME CREMATION CENTRE we want to ensure that each customer finds the unique combination of services that will meet their particular needs. Our goal is to ensure that those who rely on us understand all of their options and make fully informed decisions. The form below will allow you to examine each aspect of our service offerings and consider your choices and related costs. We are equipped to provide whatever you may need whether simple or elaborate. The choices below do not reflect the full scope of our services and merchandise but they do offer a range of typical choices that we believe will help you begin to create the sevice combination that best suits you. When completed you may submit your plan with a request for a call or an appointment to answer your questions, learn more about your options, or finalize arrangements.

If a death has occurred, please contact us directly at: 902-252-6767

NON-DECLINABLE MINIMUM SERVICES - These are the mimimum services necessary to meet statutory, regulatory and safety requirements and cover the basic services of Maritime Cremation Centre. Some of our packages may offer a lower rate for some of these services based on the exact provisions of the package

Non-Declinable Minimum Services

CONTAINER - Legislation guiding the cremation process requires that the deceased be placed in a suitable container for cremation. Our basic container is suitable for cremation without any visitation or viewing taking place first. We recommend at least a modestly decorated container if there is to be a visitation. We offer a wide range of caskets from basic to elaborate. Those listed here offer a choice of common selections. Ask your funeral director for a full list of available caskets


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OPTIONAL SERVICES - Our focus is on providing you with precisely the experience you want, including the servicesand merchandise of our choice. While we have a wide range of options available in both categories, in this section we offer you some of the most common selections you may wish to consider in creating your service package.

Optional Services

Utilize our flexible multi-purpose room for an event or events tailored to your individual needs.

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Catering (per person)

VEHICLES - For interment services - whether casket or urn - we can provide a funeral coach (hearse) and/or lead car upon request.

Optional Merchandise


REGISTER BOOKS - For those who wish to have a record of family and friends who attended a memorial gathering along with their comments and condolences we offer a choice of registers. Our basic guest book is noted here. Others range in price up to approximately $250.

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